We Create Awesome Content

What We Can Do For You

Everybody has an awesome story to tell. We help you express your story and vision through powerful storytelling.

This helps you to build your online presence and opens up new marketing channels for your business and drives increased traffic to your website.

With our team of copywriters and video gurus we develop content strategies that amplify your values and your story.


We do this by putting our creativity, writing and editing skills together to create innovative, imaginative and 100% original content.


In short, we can give your business that extra buzz needed. All the while saving you time, time that you can spend running your business.

Who We Are

We are storytellers. Original, inventive and purposeful.

We make an artform of bringing out the aspects of your business that set you apart and make you unique.


We like to mix things up, and our team reflects this.

We have diverse backgrounds: from experienced professionals in large corporate companies, to young and talented graduates skilled-up with the latest technologies and trends.


Our purpose is to be able to provide for our families, develop our careers and build amazing relationships with our clients so that they too can thrive.

Our Skills

Sales Copy

Content Writing

Video Content

WordPress Web Dev

What Our Customers Say About Us

The Team

Rosalia Lazzara

Business Development

When you make your purpose louder than your excuses, then nothing can stop you.

Keeping up with Rosalia can be quite entertaining. She is a Tiktok dancer, motivational vlogger, travel junkie, fitness freak, volunteer with Manchester Youth Zone and Princes Trust.

She is the founder of Elevici and Staying Inspired, and also cofounder of The Content Hive.

She says: My purpose is to leave it all on the table and never have to say ‘what if’. I pulled my family together after experiencing the effects of furlough, and inspired us to join forces and start this business.

Matt Tilley

Copywriter / SEO Specialist

Matt writes copy. From blog posts to sales pages and email marketing campaigns, Matt is fascinated by the power of words to communicate value and tell stories.

Matt also has expertise in SEO and wordpress website development.

When not writing epic copy, Matt eats chocolate and plays guitar (not ALWAYS in that order).

Ellie-Marie Atamena

Content Writer / Video Expert

Our resident video guru, Ellie is truly a master of her craft.  Trained to a professional level in video production, scripting and editing.  Ellie has what it takes to produce high quality, engaging video content.

Ellie also forms part of our content writing dream team bringing her prior experience working for start-ups with her.