50 Finance Hashtags To Use Right Now

Finance Hashtags

There are 95 million photos and videos posted on Instagram daily. 

Around 350 million photos are posted on Facebook and roughly 500,000 tweets are sent every minute. 

With such big numbers, it’s easy for your social media content to get buried. 

Fortunately, hashtags can help get your content discovered by the right people. In the finance world we’re talking traders, investors, institutes and B2B corporations.

Why use Hashtags?

Hashtags help you to: 

  1. Get involved in trending topics
  2. Be discovered my other people interested in that hashtag 
  3. Connect with like minded people
  4. Find relevant news 
  5. Position your content in the right place
  6. Attract the right partnerships and clients. 


Ultimately, hashtags are like codes or little folders. They help organise content on social media to help users find the content they want more easily.

How to use Hashtags

how to use hashtags

Depending on which social media channel you’re using, there will be different rules with how many hashtags you can and should use. 

For example:

  1. Twitter: it’s best to post between 1 and 3 hashtags 
  2. LinkedIn: 5 hashtags are more than enough 
  3. Facebook and Instagram: 30 hashtags!


Once the hashtag has been created, your post will join all the other pieces of content with the same hashtag on that platform. 

Users of the platform will be following hashtags that are personal and relevant to their likes and interests. 

This is why you need to pick a “trending” hashtag or a popular one that has enough followers so you have a chance of being seen.

Popular Finance Hashtags

These finance hashtags touch on popular finance topics including trading, investing and wealth management. 

Whether you are a broker, asset management firm, or you want to talk about investments, there’s a hashtag to use.

  1. #finance
  2. #money
  3. #forex
  4. #trading
  5. #price
  6. #business
  7. #currency
  8. #globaltrade
  9. #investment
  10. #investing
  11. #stockmarket
  12. #wealth
  13. #realestate
  14. #markets
  15. #economy
  16. #fintech
  17. #entrepreneur
  18. #SustainableFinance
  19. #SustainableInvesting
  20. #blockchain
  21. #crypto
  22. #cryptocurrency
  23. #airdrop
  24. #bitcoin
  25. #btc
  26. #ethereum
  27. #ico
  28. #altcoin
  29. #cryptonews
  30. #FinancialFreedom
  31. #PersonalFinance
  32. #FinancialPlanning
  33. #mortgage
  34. #FinancialLiteracy
  35. #RetirementPlanning
  36. #DebtFree
  37. #FinancialAdvisor
  38. #news
  39. #financialnews
  40. #financialadvice
  41. #financial
  42. #mortgagebroker
  43. #mortgageadviser
  44. #mortgages
  45. #investmentstrategy 
  46. #investments 
  47. #passiveincome 
  48. #investment
  49. #pensions 
  50. #wealthmanager 


Test some of these finance hashtags by doing the following:

  • Post finance content using a few of the finance hashtags above
  • Click on the hyperlinked finance hashtag on each platform to research what type of following it has and what type of content it brings up 
  • Follow finance professionals on social media who inspire you and give you great financial services content for inspiration 
  • Ask your clients what type of finance content they would like to see more of. What are they interested in? 


Once you have picked your winning hashtags, use them regularly with content. 

Consistency Is Key.

Remember to always check trending finance hashtags with new hot topics. By keeping up to date with the financial services industry and industry news, you will be able to pick up on any new topics that are trending.

If you haven’t decided which social media platform to use yet as a wealth manager or financial adviser, please check out this blog right here. It will help you understand what’s trending right now. 

It is also important to consider that as a financial advisor, you have many competitors online. Many other wealth managers want to stand out but not everyone will. So if you want to stand out as a financial adviser, this guide right here will give you all the top tips. 

We hope you have found this helpful.