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“I find social media daunting” Andrew said to us in our first meeting. Andrew is very creative, has lots of ideas, but didn’t know how to turn it into content. He struggled to find the time or the patience to download all the information and knowledge in his brain into content.

What We Did

We listened to him, recorded him, met with him, and took notes from everything he wanted to convey to his audience. We essentially DOWNLOADED his thoughts and knowledge and then converted it into compliant, easy to understand content.

The Results

He spends less time worrying about creating content. Andrew is now enjoying thinking of new content pieces because all he has to do is send us some bullet points and we will do the rest.

What Our Client's Said.

As someone who finds social media quite daunting, Rosalia has helped me enormously. She has assisted me in understanding how to communicate effectively using social media and has been a great source of inspiration in content creation. She is a valued member of my power team, always willing to help. Highly recommended.
Culbone Finance