Tom runs many businesses as a very successful entrepreneur. He simply didn’t have the time to launch a new business AND create all the marketing collateral that goes with it.

Tom needed to get the launch off the ground and raise awareness to Feeval’s target audience . How do you communicate something new, to a new audience, in an effective way?

The objective: 

  • To educate the potential new users of the platform on how to use it easily and hassle-free. 
  • To ensure the customer journey was as seamless as possible. 
  • To sign up new customers.

What We Did

We created blogs and tutorial videos that helped the business have infinite resources available to their customers that explains how the platform works.

The Results

The blogs were a great value add,  in line with the content marketing strategy, and as a result new users started to use the platform!


"Ellie is always very professional and listens deeply to our requirements and questions before engaging in the project. The end project result is of high quality. We’ve been able to launch the platform successfully and acquired customers!"
CEO - Feeval