FM Wealth Management


There are many wealth managers out there but how do you stand out from the crowd?

Finlay was inspired to be more active on social media, but how?

He found the concept of being more public on social media overwhelming due to too much theory out there but not enough practical, step by step guidance on the matter.

Our goal, help Finlay to:

  • Become a key person of influence.
  • Share valuable, engaging content within a circle he could positively impact.
  • Create professional high quality content.

What We Did

Finlay bought our social media strategy package to create his online identity.

Together we revamped his LinkedIn website to suit his target audience and to effectively showcase his expertise.

We created well structured content that was unique, engaging and educational plus gave Finlay a unique online presence.

The Results

Finlay now has the confidence to communicate with purpose, vision and consistency!