Grey Matters


“I don’t like social media Ros, but I have to use it” were the words from Danny at our introduction. Danny was already actively using SM but just wanted to take it to the next level.

What We Did

We took a look at his existing content and tweaked it to make it more engaging. We went through a lot of video coaching and also how to use groups and forums to generate leads.

Aside from social media, we looked at his entire communication strategy with his existing and new clients. Everything from email marketing, phone calls, meetings and social media presence.

The Results

Increased knowledge of how to use social media more effectively. Danny has the wonderful Claire assisting him in house so it was easy to delegate all the tasks between us three so that Danny could focus more on deal completions.

What Our Client's Said.

Working with Rosalia over the last few weeks has been a breath of fresh air! Lots of new ideas for our social media, how to present the content and huge encouragement to try all things new. 100% recommend 👌🏻
Grey Matters