Henchurch Lane


His biggest challenge was time. His biggest fear was doing it wrong.  

Paul approached us through Facebook. He’d been playing  our with social media and social media courses for a while but never found the right one. Always busy and working on mortgage applications that he didn’t have time to work out how to effectively use social media.

What We Did

We spent 6 weeks teaching Paul the secrets step by step. We got to learn about him and his business and showed him how to create simple yet effective content in the spare time he had.

The Results

Over this time, he built enough confidence and knowledge to start his social media journey. He posted his first video during week 5 of 6 and immediately got 4 enquiries off the back of that 50 second video.

What Our Client's Said.

Rosalia is the real deal when it comes to content marketing. If you’re struggling to put a plan of action together that will be effective, talk to Ros and remove the doubt. You will quickly recoup any cost with organic enquiries you’d have not received otherwise
Henchurch Lane