Henchurch Lane


With approximately 48,000 registered mortgage advisors in the UK, how do you stand out? 

Paul Holland, co-owner of Henchurch Lane, has been on a mission to raise his social media identity and be more active. 

But… He hasn’t had the time nor the knowledge of how to do this properly. He came to Rosalia for guidance and a plan!

What We Did

Rosalia delivered a social media strategy course over a 6 week period with a step by guide on how to build a brand online through LinkedIn and Facebook. 

She designed a content calendar for Paul so that he could stay consistent and accountable on his social media journey.

Paul and Rosalia also brainstormed lots of content ideas and put a plan in place for how to create the content and distribute it correctly.

The Results

By week 4 out of 6, Paul already had enough of a confidence boost to start posting content. 

Never before had he posted any content and now just after posting one video, he got such great response from it he’s ready to do more. 

Paul’s first video was a Tik Tok video – inspired by Ros’ persistence, he gave it a go. Within the first 7 days of posting it, he received 5 enquiries, one of which turned into a live application. 

Now Paul has a brand he can talk about online. He is confident and excited to make his goal a reality.