Home of Mortgages


Michael (founder of Home of Mortgages) has no trouble with incoming business. The leads kept on growing but he now needed the right personnel in his team to handle the business.

He needed people with the right attitude, mindset and skills that were aligned with the culture and values of the company.

What We Did

Like many of our customers, Michael was time-poor and needed to move quickly with his projects. 

Our objectives were: 

  • Hire the right people 
  • Create a flexible working environment
  • Release content that would positively position Michael as the employer of the new normal 


We wrote job descriptions and adverts that would target the ideal candidates to join the team. We also delivered 3 articles to boost Michael’s visibility online through thought leadership content.

The Results

Success! Michael has successfully recruited the team members he was looking for and has been consistently posting great content on social media… which gets engagement!