VS Wealth Management


After attending a private workshop called Dent, hosted by St James’ Place, Vinay wanted to find someone who could take the theory of becoming a Key Person of Influence, and actually put it into practice. 

There are over 2,500 practices that make up St James’ Place so standing out is important now more than ever before. 

This is why VS Wealth Management have chosen to work with The Content Hive. 

Vinay is a thought leader. A visionary. He had big ideas and needed someone to bring his story to life.

What We Did

We met on Zoom weekly over the course of 10 weeks. This time was spent building a social media campaign and a marketing strategy. 

We optimised Vinay’s social media profiles: Facebook & LinkedIn. This was to bring out his individuality and give it an online identity. 

After the profiles were fit for purpose, we started to build the content ideas.

The Results

He now has a huge list of content ideas, and the confidence to know when to post, how to post and what to post on social media. 

VS Wealth Management looks like a well thought out brand now. His online presence is impactful. 

Vinay has a clear picture of his ideal customer and how to find them on social media. He now also knows the exact content that his customers are likely to be interested in.