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Monique has been trying to master the art of social media through various other trainers and courses. Whilst she’d learnt a lot over time, it never felt personalised enough. She needed something tailored to her.

What We Did

Given that her base knowledge was good enough, we simply filled the gaps with what she already knew and what she was missing.We reinvented her online identity, checked all her profiles were set up correctly and also gave her a roadmap for her social media content.

The Results

She walked aways with lots of content ideas, a theme for her videos and posts and we also wrote an ebook for her. Monique says that the biggest thing she got from this was confidence.

What Our Client's Said.

“Working with Rosalia has been truly eye opening. I thought I knew what content marketing was, but I was wrong. Rosalia is insightful, very passionate about what she does and the last 6 weeks have been such a pleasure. I have so many ideas for our social media and really looking forward to implementing all I've learned. 100% recommend.”
Willowgate Financial