How Can You Stand Out as the Go-To Financial Adviser?

Read Here: “How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile to Attract More Clients”

In this article, we will teach the secrets of how to optimise your LinkedIn profile so that you can be the obvious choice to a potential client who is doing their research online.

“93% of prospective home buyers begin their home buying journey online”

If your clients are doing their research online, what do your profiles say about you?


Linkedin is one of the world’s most commonly used social media apps and is known as ‘’The world’s largest professional network’’.

It works to find connections, engage in content and drive more interaction to your page and company.

Having a Linkedin profile for your company alone helps you attract attention but optimising your profile can get you 3 times the amount of search appearances and can increase your profile views by 132%.

What Should A Profile Look Like?

Aim to be more like Adam B. and not Adam S. below. By looking at my client’s profile, Adam B, there is a lot we can learn.

Bad example:

Good Example:

Optimizing your Linkedin involves turning your profile to Linkedin Gold. Have a read of these go-to tips on how to do exactly that and be more like Adam B. 

  • Firstly, you have to make sure you have a branded banner which acts like your business card online. Make sure to include your contact details, call to action on how people should get in touch with you, your target audience and the benefits of what you offer. Make sure it’s clear and easy to read as this will be one of the first things your clients will see.                                                                 


  • Now, you may have seen a small speaker icon right next to your name on your Linkedin profile. Well, good news! It’s your ten second opportunity to speak to your ideal audience when they visit your site. It can either be used to describe your name or a very brief description on what you do in ten seconds – so make it short and sweet!
  • Please remember… NO boring taglines. Ideally it should not be the title or position of who you are in a company, your tagline should describe what you do and who you do it for and what the benefits are. Make sure to be creative and think outside the box when thinking of what to write so you can stand out.

There are over 15,000 advisers in the UK – by listing yourself as a Self Employed Mortgage broker will dilute your individuality. Instead you want to sound different. 

  • Make sure your ‘about’ section is saturated with detail. You should include the features and benefits of what your businesses and services offer. Emojis and different styles of texts are helpful to make it pop and stand out, at the end you should have a call to action and don’t forget to include contact details of how you’d like people to reach you.
  • Use the featured section to show the most important parts of your content and the most important messages you want to show to your clients. Testimonials, articles written, a balance between text, video and audio.


  • It’s also useful to know that in order to encourage an audience to engage with your content, you need to start publishing engaging content on your profile too or leave comments under other people’s post to gain recognition.


After following this mini guide on optimizing your Linkedin Profile, make sure not to get too hung up on vanity metrics. For example, overthinking the amount of likes or comments you’ve received on a post. Yes, it’s easier said than done as I’m sure all of us are guilty of it, but remember that should not be your main focus. The number of likes and vanity metrics does not equal the value.

If you’re a mortgage advisor and are struggling to choose a social media platform, then the trick is to find out what your clients are using! Find out if they’re mostly using Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube etc. 

Pick your ideal customer, find your niche then find the correct platform and you’re already off to a great start!

Set Yourself Up For Success!

What happens next…

  1. Before writing any content make sure your social media platform is set up for success. Be it LinkedIn, Facebook etc, make sure you make it stand out. 
  2. Secondly, make sure you have a plan! Like anything, fail to plan, plan to fail. 
  3. Learn how to use social media for lead gen! Social media can be a great source for new clients but only if you use it properly. You can learn more about this here


Visit our website for many other free top tips. If you decided that Linkedin is the platform for you then you can go straight to our website today and take advantage of our FREE LINKEDIN MOT service. 


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