Life Financial Solutions


For a while, the team at Life FS have had an exceptional career, phenomenal clients and 5 star service…. They just never told anybody. 

If you were to look them up on social media before working with TCH, there just wasn’t any content that would represent the brilliance of this team, and yet… they have so much to scream and shout about. 

Like many mortgage advisors, they have many great stories but just not enough time to spend talking about it on social media.

What We Did

We got to know each member of the team. By doing this, we were able to bring out their individuality and give it an online voice. 

We took a deep dive into their business and discovered what made them brilliant. 

Then we put a social media strategy together to show them how we could tell the story. 

We brainstormed a long list of content ideas and prepared each member’s online profile to stand out.

The Results

Now they look like a brand! 

Each team member has their own unique identity but together they make up the Life FS brand and they look the part online. 

They now all have that extra bit of confidence to start creating their own mini pieces of content as they tell their own personal stories, whilst TCH will provide them with continued support, content ideas, social media management, and copywriting.